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Kishimoto has created a cryptocurrency with distinctly useful utilities and a community-first approach to create something truly great for our holders. On the heels of a stealth launch on October 18, 2021, the Kishimoto token launched as an ERC20 token with a bridge to the BSC network.

With powerful utilities featured in our 3D NFT Marketplace along with our previous and future passive income platforms, Kishimoto will generate value extending to the entire ecosystem and investors. Kishimoto will also release our highly anticipated Open World RPG Play-to-Earn Game that will be ever expanding with countless updates and features. With our improved tokenomics, gaming rewards will be continuous along with future game developments and expansions. Kishimoto will also release a groundbreaking VPN (virtual private network) that will set itself apart from every other VPN that has been launched previously.


Token Details-

Name: Kishimoto
Blockchain: Ethereum
Project Utility: Gaming

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Circ. Supply: 49,000,000,000

Contract Address: 0xAE36155a55F04a696b8362777620027882B31dB5

Lp Pair: 0xa3bde90b41e04c568051ba22043298926900fda5

Contract Renounced: No

Liquidity Locked: Yes  |   % of LP Locked: 98% | Unlock Date: July 1, 2023  |   LP Lock Link

Contract Audited: Yes  |   Audit Link

Team KYC'd: No

Unique Utility-

Our tokenomics are taxes applied on tokens being sold, bought & transferred. To ensure the continuous growth of our ecosystem, 3.5% of every trade will be contributed to the development of utilities & marketing, 1% of every trade will be contributed towards the liquidity pool to help provide price stability and defense against chart manipulation.

Part of our long term ambitions, 3.5% of our tokenomics will also be contributed to our passive income module & injecting rewards into our game.

Additional assets tied to the project-

Contract Address: 0xae36155a55f04a696b8362777620027882b31db5
LP Pair Address: 0x1837ebc4c51c43bf5232318c34520e552a920a87
Blockchain: BSC

Transaction Taxes-

Total transaction tax on buys: 8%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 1%

Other: 7%

Recommended Slippage % for Buys (equal to or greater than the tax): 8%

Total transaction tax on sells: 8%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 1%

Other: 7%

Recommended Slippage % for Sells (equal to or greater than the tax): 8%

Total transaction tax on transfers: 0%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP:  0%

Other: 0%

NFT Stats


The Nemesis NFT Collection is another element in our forever evolving ecosystem which will also be incorporated into our Open World RPG Ascension as part of our roadmap origins. This collection represents the strength and tenacity of our community.

The Nemesis NFT Collection consists of 8,000 unique digital assets that will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Nemesis has been incorporated to benefit the Kishimoto Ecosystem first & foremost. Our Nemesis collection grants holders staking for Kishimoto Tokens as part of our roadmap origins & also exclusive access to Ascension including all in game perks.

NFT Details-

NFT Supply: Limited/Capped

Projects NFT link: NFT Details

NFT Collections: 1 unique collections

NFT collection links-


Project's Hashtags-
Kishimoto, Nemesis, Ascension

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