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Feb. 17, 2023

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Update time!!


Hey all, I know its been some time but myself and my family were not well (down with fever and cold) the last few weeks.. now all is back to normal. So updates
– I am planning to have the angels and Guardians collection out on Opensea and later add on the other one for demons as it’s still in progress.
– There is another collection which is mentioned above The Defenders of Zantara which is a PFP collection for now. I am actively looking into adding utilities to it
РI am also working on a staking platform for the NFTs both Angel Army and Defenders of Zantara ( where you can get rewards in a particular token 
– The token rewards for staking will also depend on how I would be able to partner with some other gaming projects or I would prefer to buy tokens using the funds generated through NFT sales and add those as staking pool rewards. which will benefit the other project in terms of price and also give the holders a way of earning their tokens through staking the NFTs
– Upon discussing with multiple projects and indi developers building a game is no easy task, so it will surely take some time.. in the meanwhile I want to first get staking done as soon as possible so there is some passive income generated.

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