PowerBrawl Progressive Lottery

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Explore a Progressive Lottery like no other! Each PowerBrawl lottery game has its own unique ticket series and the jackpot for each game grows until a minted ticket is drawn for a win. Tickets range in price from .01 SOL to .25 SOL depending on the game being played.

Purchased tickets are valid for every weekly drawing in that game’s active ticket series until a minted ticket is drawn, resulting in a jackpot win for that game series. Your tickets do not expire as long as the game series is active, so stack up your tickets every week for a chance to win progressive jackpots!

Weekly jackpot drawings occur based on the displayed countdown timer. Drawing results are posted in our Telegram, on our X account page and on our Lottery Winners page. The winning jackpots are paid in SOL directly to the wallet holding the winning ticket, and holders do not need to be present at the drawings to win!

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PowerBrawl's NFT-based lottery tickets are the cornerstone of the project, developed as a unique stand-alone utility without being tied to any token, taxes or being at the mercy of a transactioal chart. PowerBrawl NFT tickets are the virtual version of paper tickets bought at a local corner store, except they roll over every week as long as the respective jackpots do.

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