What is the Guardian Token?

The Guardian Platform‘s ERC20 token launched in April 2022 with a total supply of 100T tokens and 137 Eth in the LP (100% locked with Team Finance). Additionally, 5% of the total supply was burned and 1% of the tokens in every buy and sell transaction is burned. 20% of the total supply was delivered to Uniswap and 37% of the total supply was reserved in a secure multi-sig wallet for delivery to new exchanges as the platform matures. The massive Eth LP creates stability and reduces volatility commonly seen in tokens and coins with very small liquidity pools.

Stage 5 is a major component of Guardian Platform that was launched during Q4 2022. This comprehensive project information dashboard provides more than 70 data fields including project description, trading status, LP locks, audit links, tokenomics, transaction taxes, slippage recommendations, NFT programs and images, Herald announcements, and social media links. Projects can build their own Stage 5 dashboard to demonstrate a commitment to sharing details about their project as it grows and matures. All information listed on Stage 5 is provided and managed directly by the listing project through administrative user accounts they create to post and manage their own dashboard information.

Phase 2, MyGuardian User Accounts: The platform’s next phase is the integration of user accounts. User accounts grant access to the platform’s premier features and utilities. Ownership of a small amount of the Guardian Token will be required to create a new user account. During the account creation process, token ownership is verified via secure Wallet Connect. Once the token ownership requirements have been verified, the user is prompted to establish a MyGuardian username and password. This is a fast, seamless, and secure process. Existing users will not need to connect their wallet to log into MyGuardian every time they utilize the platform, they simply log in with their MyGuardian username and password.  

Guardian Contract Address:


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ERC20 Token and Strong LP

100 trillion total supply and launched with 137 Eth in LP
5% initial burn & 1% burned with every buy & sell
20% ICO delivered to Uniswap
37% reserved in multi-sig for future exchanges

5% Transaction Tax (Buys & Sells identical)

1% Burned
2% Reflections for Holders
2% Multi-Sig for Marketing, Liquidity, Staking, O&M
0% Tax on Transfers
Liquidity adds and buybacks

Long-Term Growth & Stability

Fully compliant US-based LLC
Registered with the IRS and SEC
Project Team is KYC’d and employed full-time
Security Audit with SolidProof completed pre-launch
100% of Liquidity locked through TrustSwap
Highly experienced Enterprise Strategy Team

100% Locked Liquidity

Team Members KYC

Contract Security Audit