Advertising on the Guardian Platform

The Guardian Platform is growing to become one of the most versatile and dynamic user platforms in crypto. Our goal is to emerge as one of the industry’s most commonly utilized resources. We serve a large and diverse worldwide community that is rapidly expanding as a result of cryptocurrency acceptance.

Our desire is to provide a professional environment where users are not bombarded with advertisements. We also understand that one of the most dynamic ways to introduce platform users to new ideas, services, projects, and initiatives is to create an effective marketing and advertising program within the platform. Guardian’s Enterprise Manager and members of our Advertising and Marketing Team will work directly with you to create and incorporate a marketing strategy that meets your needs. Contact them today to learn more.

We have some basic principles that are worthy of mention:

  1. Marketing and Advertising should not place a strenuous burden on crypto projects, especially new projects just starting off. There is absolutely no reason why any banner or advertisement should cost $25,000 p/week. Advertising on the Guardian Platform is affordable and cost-conscious.
  2. The Guardian Platform covers a wide spectrum of crypto and digital asset sectors and areas of community interest. This allows you to select ad locations within specific platform components where you believe your target audience resides. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs, fits your budget, and includes a schedule, ad location, and a placement strategy.
  3. We offer a variety of banner/ad sizes and media options so that your graphic artists can unleash their creative skills and provide dynamic marketing content.
  4. Banners and advertisements can be images or even small 7-15 second videos. Links will direct interested users to your site using a link that you provide.

Each component within Guardian’s Platform has space reserved for marketing and advertising. Locations vary from page to page to ensure users can see the advertisements without being overly distracted by placement or a disruption of content flow.

Various banner spot sizes available to suit your needs

Increase your brand’s exposure with an ad front and center on Guardian Platform!

Splash of colors and designs to get attention!
Your project colors will pop on the light or dark Guardian Platform backgrounds
NFTs and small videos that are 7-15 seconds in length

Square, rectangular or even oval banner options

Various banner and advertisement dimensions can be used to find the perfect size and location to maximize exposure to your project, products, and/or services. Please contact Guardian’s Advertising team for more information about our marketing program.