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Hundreds of companies around the world are executing strategies to incorporate blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital asset technologies into their strategic roadmaps. Did you know that those same companies are looking for people JUST LIKE YOU who understand this industry and can offer a strategic or competitive advantage? They are, so here’s the opportunity to connect with them and see if we can get some global adoption going here!

Please visit the career pages shown below to look for opportunities that might align with your career path and/or professional interests. Each company or organization shown below (at the time of posting) had job opportunities posted that were found using key words such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and/or Digital Assets. The Guardian Platform has no affiliation with the companies listed below. We research publicly available online career pages and post direct links from our Career Connections page directly to the displayed company’s career page.

Google Key Words Used: Blockchain, NFT, Digital Asset, Crypto, Security, Systems Engineer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps, Agile, Scrum Master

IO Key Words Used: Scrum Master, Software Engineering, Product Management

RDX Works Key Words Used: Systems Software Engineer, Android Developer, Rust Software Engineer, Java Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, iOS Developer

AP Capital Key Words Used: Crypto Derivatives, Quant Developer, Crypto Institutional Sales, Compliance Officer

Fidelity Investments Key Words Used: NFT, Blockchain, Data Analyst, Web3, Crypto, Digital Assets, Blockchain Security

Certik Key Words Used: DevOps, Blockchain, Security Engineer, Penetration Testing, Systems Engineer, Data Engineer, Full Stack Engineer

Citi Key Words Used: Blockchain, NFT, Security, Digital Asset, PKI Engineer, Software Developer

Amazon Key Words Used: Blockchain, NFT, Digital Asset, Crypto, Security, DevOps

Microsoft Key Words Used: Smart Contract, Blockchain, Program Managers, Crypto, Technology Consulting, Software Engineer, Digital Assets

Gemini Key Words Used: Crypto, Blockchain, Developer, Engineer, Data Analytics, Senior Data Engineer, Senior Data Analytics, Python, Core Crypto Backend, Lead Product Manager, Compliance,

Terraform Labs Key Words Used: Blockchain, Core Engineer, Graphics Design, Front End Engineer, dApp, web developer

JP Morgan Chase and Co. Key Words Used: Blockchain, Core Engineer, Front End Engineer, Graphics Design, Software, Web Developer, Crypto

CoinGecko Key Words Used: Mobile Engineer, Business Development, Software Engineer, Software Test Engineer, Growth Marketer

Braintrust Key Words Used: NFT, Web3, Front End Engineer, Product Manager, Blockchain

Pfizer Key Words Used: Crypto, Automation, Cybersecurity, Engineer

Morgan Stanley Key Words Used: Crypto Fund, Product Development

Clearmatics Key Words Used: Blockchain, Core Developer, Blockchain Infrastructure, Engineer, DeFi, Protocol Engineer

Cisco Key Words Used: Blockchain, Crypto, Security Product, Software Engineer, Research Engineer, Information Security, Solutions Engineer, Enterprise Systems Architect, UX Design, Network Analytics Key Words Used: Data Science, Blockchain, Engineering Frontend, Mobile, Security, Engineering Backend, Engineering Explorer

Rift Finance Key Words Used: Blockchain Engineer, Core Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Lead Rust Engineer, Design

TradeStation Key Words Used: Software Engineer, Crypto, Blockchain, Marketing, UI/UX Design, Compliance, Security, Automation Engineer

DappRadar Key Words Used: Backend Developer, Decentralized Applications, Web3, Blockchain Analyst, Product Design, DAO

Intel Key Words Used: Blockchain, Hyperscale, Blockchain Accelerators, Blockchain Market,

Ripple Key Words Used: Blockchain Engineer, DevOps Engineer, DevOps Senior Software Engineer, Crypto Researcher, Data Engineer, Blockchain Software Engineer, DeFi, Security Engineer, Data Infrastructure

Nisum Key Words Used: SAFe/Scaled Agile Framework, DevOps Engineer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Backend Engineer, Test Automation, Blockchain, Java Developer, Scala Engineer, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Service, Data Science

Gelato Key Words Used: Data Analyst, Front End Developer, Technical Content, Back End Developer

Republic Key Words Used: Smart Contract Engineer, Data Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, BI/Business Intelligence, Token Offerings, Design, Project Manager

NYDIG Key Words Used: DevOps Engineer, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Custody Software, Software Engineer, Production Engineer

Bank of America Key Words Used: Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Platform Engineer, Digital Asset, Crypto, Digital Asset Research

Mythical Games Key Words Used: Blockchain, NFT, Digital Asset, Analytics, Engineering, Game Design, Finance, UX/UI

Paxos Key Words Used: Solutions Engineer, Blockchain, Crypto, Analytics, Data Analyst, Blockchain Security, Application Security, Software Engineer, Tokenization Engineer, Commodities

Chainalysis Key Words Used: Blockchain, Design UX, Engineering, Infrastructure, Data Analytics

Wells Fargo Key Words Used: Smart Contract, Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, Crypto, Security

Ford Key Words Used: NFT

Circle Key Words Used: Software Engineer, Blockchain, Analyst, Business Analyst, Security Engineer, Cryptosystems, Detection and Response

Blockdaemon Key Words Used: Network, Blockchain, Crypto, Data Analytics, Security

Candy Key Words Used: DevOps, Gaming, 3D Graphics, eCommerce, Data Scientist, User Design, Frontend Engineer

Capital One Key Words Used: Blockchain, Digital Strategy, Crypto, B2B Futures, Digital Assets

CoreWeave Key Words Used: Cloud, Kubernetes, Developer, Engineer, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Crypto, Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Technical Writer

The Block Key Words Used: DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Data Analyst, Research Analyst, Product Design,

Bittrex Key Words Used: Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Crypto, Compliance, Backend Software Engineer, Frontend, Security Engineer, UX Designer

Oracle Key Words Used: Blockchain, Crypto, Digital Asset, Security, Engineer

Recur Key Words Used: Digital Designer, Policy, Operations Lead, Compliance, Security Engineer, Platform Engineer, Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer

Apple Key Words Used: Blockchain, Crypto Software Engineer, Digital Asset, Security IPs

SALT Key Words Used: DevOps, Security, Quantitative Trade, Software Engineer, API, Compliance

AT&T Key Words Used: Crypto, Digital Asset, Systems Engineer, Asset Management, Security Specialist

Amun Key Words Used: Graphic Design, Product Design, Blockchain, Crypto, Data Engineer, Backend Engineer,

Anthem Key Words Used: Blockchain Architect, AI Technology, Ethereum, Corda, Web 3, Open Source

Hiro Systems Key Words Used: Frontend Engineer, DevOps, Full Stack, Technical Writer,

Comcast Key Words Used: Blockchain

Pinata Key Words Used: NFT, Solutions Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Backend, Application Architect, UI Designer, User Experience Designer

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