Technical Analysis

This page contains a broad range of analysis and research tools. Additional products will be added based on user feedback and API development.

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Top 50 Heat Map

The crypto “Top 50 Heatmap” is available for interactive views of the top 50 coins and tokens arranged by current market cap. This feature is best viewed in “light mode”.

Fear & Greed Index

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index captures the positive and negative emotions of traders, investors and other persons interested in the cryptocurrency market. It is based on the determination of sentiment polarity within social media posts that are published about Bitcoin and digital assets. Over a 24-hour period of time, the algorithm scans millions of social media posts about the crypto ecosystem and uses a sentiment-based classification machine learning model. Updates are published once daily and use a scale with values that range from 0-100. The five categories identified within the display (based on the daily score) are extreme greed, greed, neutral, fear and extreme fear. This statistic is brought to you by

Bitcoin’s Fear and Greed Index
(updated every 24 hours)

In Development:

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Support & Resistance Levels

This feature computes support and resistance levels by taking into account how long the security price has been in certain price ranges and how much trading volume has been realized within that range.

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This API uses advanced pattern detection AI algorithms to determine the trendlines of tokens and coins.

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Historical Bull & Bear Market Cycles

This API provides the bull and bear markets for coins and tokens. This feature can be used to see which bull markets were most profitable and which bear markets were the worst.

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Daily Social Sentiment

The Daily Social Sentiment API provides access to daily sentiment data. Daily social sentiment is the average sentiment of social media posts mentioning cryptocurrency within the last closed day (in UTC time). Sentiment is determined by applying advanced machine learning models on texts of social media posts that mention individual coins and tokens.

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Investor Sentiment Index & Investor Social Buzz

The Investor Sentiment Index and Investor Social Buzz Index is based on the evaluation of 1+ million tweets that are analyzed each day, published by authors identified as investors and/or traders. Users are identified as investors/traders if their profile description contains words like ‘investor’, ‘trader’, ‘hedge fund’, ‘investing’ and other similar terms. From these posts, the algorithm computes on an hourly basis the average sentiment (Investor Sentiment Index) and total mentions buzz (Investor Social Buzz Index). This data provides a unique insight in the social activity and opinions of investors/traders within the crypto community.

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Influencer Sentiment & Social Media Buzz

The influencer indices are computed by segmenting social media tweets depending on the number of followers of the author, distinguished between 3 group of authors:

These indices are then computed to determine the average sentiment and the number of mentions from social media posts of each group of users.

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Hourly Social Mentions

The Hourly Social Sentiment API provides access to historical hourly social media sentiment data for individual tokens and coins.

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News Sentiment and Top Mentions

Shows general news sentiment as well as the sentiment from all tickers, top mentions for the week, and top mentions for the month along with the positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

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