Smartchain poker

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SMARTCHAIN POKER is not just a Multiplayer Poker Platform where you can play with crypto, Smartchain Poker has released its own super limited/deflationary token called $SCP integrated with Security Features and a Buyback/Burn Mechanism.



Token Details-

Name: Smartchain poker
Symbol: $SCP
Blockchain: BSC
Project Utility: Gaming

Total Supply: 5,000,000

Circ. Supply: 4,850,000

Contract Address: 0x834027ad871004a96001ff659a976cb97fb207b2

Lp Pair: 0x69312f23e73fbd42d43a7700a4995722533db059

Contract Renounced: Yes  |   Renounced Tx. Hash: Tx Link

Liquidity Locked: Yes  |   % of LP Locked: 98% |   LP Lock Link

Contract Audited: No

Team KYC'd: No

Unique Utility-

25% from the token taxes get used to buyback and create extra liquidity for the token.
25% from the token taxes gets burned,
25% from the poker fees on the Smartchain poker software gets burned.

Tokens go out of circulation with every transaction or poker game.

Transaction Taxes-

Total transaction tax on buys: 5%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 1%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 4%

Recommended Slippage % for Buys (equal to or greater than the tax): 5%

Total transaction tax on sells: 6%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 1%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 05%

Recommended Slippage % for Sells (equal to or greater than the tax): 6%

Total transaction tax on transfers: 5%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 1%

Auto LP:  0%

Other: 04%


Project's Hashtags-
#Smartchainpoker, #SCP, #cryptopoker

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