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Apr. 16, 2023

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Okami joins ArchAngel Ecosystem!


Ecosystem Announcement:

We are proud to announce that Okami Token, an ERC20 token with a project team focusing on the Gaming sector, is joining the ArchAngel Ecosystem. We welcome the Okami team and community, and we look forward to working together to achieve our goals and objectives! Archa community, let’s make sure we demonstrate the kind of support represented by our ecosystem model. We are stronger together.

Okami Token is migrating to a new V2 contract in the next few weeks so that they have a smart contract that supports their project’s initiative. DO NOT buy V1 Okami tokens as a holder list snapshot has already been taken. No additional buys will result in being added to that snapshot list. Existing Okami V1 token holders will receive V2 Okami airdrops on launch day.

Okami’s new contract will contain Eth reflections for holders, and Okami will deliver native Okami V2 tokens to the ArchAngel Staking Pool starting in the next staking cycle (Cycle 5). Those who stake Archa will receive the new Okami tokens as part of their harvest.

V2 launch will occur in a few weeks, so be sure to join their telegram and socials to stay informed.

The official Okami website, which will be updated as they migrate is:

BEWARE of scam social media groups and channels. The above two links are the two you should use.
The official Okami Telegram group is:

Welcome Okami, let’s do great things together!

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