Project Submission

Project Submission

Use the below form to submit your project information to Guardian Platform’s Stage 5 project dashboard. Submit as much information as you desire and at any time. The Stage 5 program is designed for you to add information, links, and data as it becomes available for your project, so don’t worry about trying to complete every field on the form at the same time.

Your project’s official email address is used as your login name. When the project is listed, you will receive an email from Guardian that also provides your login name and a link to reset your password. Once your initial dashboard is created, you can utilize those account credentials to access your project’s dashboard for editing. Select “Login” from Guardian’s main menu and click on “Log in with an existing account” next to the Stage 5 logos. You will only see your project listed for editing. Changes you submit take place immediately, so be sure to check your project’s dashboard once you submit updates.

Maximum file size: 2MB

The full name of your token or coin, or the name of the project.
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Describe your project and/or your business model. (Max: 1000 characters)
Enter the project’s official email address that will be used to communicate about this listing. (must be from your website domain)
Copy the link to the page where your email is visible on your website. This is a must for verification purposes
Do you have any social media accounts?

Hashtags used

click the “add” button for each hashtag (25 character max per hashtag (max: 5 hashtags)
Do you Intend on posting announcements on Herald?
Do you have a Lite/Whitepaper?
Has the token or coin been launched yet?
Format: Year/Quarter (example is 2023/Q1)
Select the Date your Token launched on
Select which blockchain your primary asset is on
Copy and paste the complete contract address. ( This is the contract address that will be used for charting)
Liquidity pair address shown on DEXTools or DEXScreener. (This is the LP Pair that will be used for Charting)
Use numbers only (example: 500000000).
Use numbers only (example: 21000000)
Has a contract audit been completed?
Has the project team been KYC’d?
Project team doxxed by third party verification service
Is the LP locked?
Enter the percentage of liquidity that has been locked (example: 95)
Select the date that the liquidity lock expires
Has the contract been renounced?
Are there taxes on your token?
Are there reflections in native token OR other digital assets (Rewards back to holder)?
% of reflections on buys
% of reflections on sells
% of reflections(rewards) on transfers
Does the contract execute a native token burn with transactions?
Enter the percentage of native token burn (example: 1)
% burned on sell transactions (example: 1)
% burned on transfers (wallet to wallet)
Auto LP Add (Contract sends % of tx back to liquidity)?
% of transaction sent to liquidity pool by the contract on buy tx’s
% of transactions sent to liquidity by the contract on sell tx’s
% of transfer events sent to liquidity pool by the contract
Any other buy/sell/transfer taxes (Marketing, Development, O&M, Charity, etc):
% of all other Taxes on Buy Transactions
% of all other Taxes on Sell Transactions
% of all other taxes on transfers
Total % of all buy taxes (Read Only)
Total % of all sell taxes (Read Only)
Total % of all transfer taxes (Read Only)
0 of 500 max characters
Use this space to talk about all other details about the contract that adds utility. (antiwhale; unique staking; All other utilities that make your project stand out.

Additional Project Related Links

Will be used as title to your link.
Do you have additional contracts or LP pairs?

Additional Contracts

Copy and paste the complete contract address.
Liquidity pair address shown on DEXTools or DEXScreener.
Select which blockchain your additional asset is on
Has your project launch any NFT’s?
NFT Minting metrics (choose one)-
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Maximum file size: 8MB

NFT Collection Links- Please provide the direct links to the sites that your NFTs are offered for view/trade (OpenSea, Rarible, etc)

Do you intend on uploading Project video content to BrainStem?