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ToadSwap features
• No failed transaction fees!
• Gasless swaps for flexible trading
• Auto slippage for the best trade price
• MEV protection for secure trading / anti frontrun

Upcoming features
• Rug pull protections for added security
• Limit buy/sell and candle swaps for efficient trading
• Block optimized positioning for maximum profits
• Multi-dex support for easy trading across multiple exchanges
• Multi-chain support for seamless trading across blockchain networks

TOAD’s features
• Two Interfi audits for ToadSwap and Toad Token
• A 100% fair launch - no team tokens or presale
• Devs are doxxed and KYC'd
• Liquidity locked for one year



Token Details-

Name: LuckyToad
Symbol: Toad
Blockchain: Ethereum
Project Utility: Exchange

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circ. Supply: 1,000,000,000

Contract Address: 0xbfb2b6870501a6ff17121d676a0a45a38c9eed1e

Lp Pair: 0xf2498cf36ede4e28c188042a0f2fdf9d89aa4ba8

Contract Renounced: No

Liquidity Locked: Yes  |   % of LP Locked: 100% |   LP Lock Link

Contract Audited: Yes  |   Audit Link

Team KYC'd: Yes | KYC Certification link

Additional assets tied to the project-

Contract Address: 0xbfb2b6870501a6ff17121d676a0a45a38c9eed1e
LP Pair Address: 0x4d7b070e3d625a4b8a40570fc1a6e8c4f7d333ff
Blockchain: Ethereum

Transaction Taxes-

Total transaction tax on buys: 5%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 05%

Recommended Slippage % for Buys (equal to or greater than the tax): 5%

Total transaction tax on sells: 5%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 5%

Recommended Slippage % for Sells (equal to or greater than the tax): 5%

Total transaction tax on transfers: 0%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP:  0%

Other: 0%


Project's Hashtags-
#Toad, #toadswap

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