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A unique erc20 token, bridging the gap between blockchain and MEV technology

Jackpot Reflections
MEV Integrated Ecosystem

Trustless Giveaway dApp – Truly Random Giveaways, Verified on the Blockchain
Unique Staking – Lock your tokens on a week by week basis, to boost your odds of a jackpot.

Building a leveraged swap, and an automated launchpad.



Token Details-

Name: LuckyToad
Symbol: Toad
Blockchain: Ethereum
Project Utility: Exchange

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circ. Supply: 1,000,000,000

Contract Address: 0xbfb2b6870501a6ff17121d676a0a45a38c9eed1e

Lp Pair: 0xf2498cf36ede4e28c188042a0f2fdf9d89aa4ba8

Contract Renounced: No

Liquidity Locked: Yes  |   % of LP Locked: 99% | Unlock Date: November 1, 2023  |   LP Lock Link

Contract Audited: No

Team KYC'd: No

Unique Utility-

8% Sell Tax as Jackpot Reflections
Every time someone sells, 8% of their transaction is sent to one lucky holder in Eth.
The more tokens you hold, the better your odds.

Buy taxes liquidate on the buy transaction, meaning we never collect more eth from taxes than we are entitled to.

Additional assets tied to the project-

Contract Address: 0xbfb2b6870501a6ff17121d676a0a45a38c9eed1e
LP Pair Address: 0x4d7b070e3d625a4b8a40570fc1a6e8c4f7d333ff
Blockchain: Ethereum

Transaction Taxes-

Total transaction tax on buys: 8%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 08%

Recommended Slippage % for Buys (equal to or greater than the tax): 8%

Total transaction tax on sells: 8%

Reflections: 08%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP: 0%

Other: 0%

Recommended Slippage % for Sells (equal to or greater than the tax): 8%

Total transaction tax on transfers: 0%

Reflections: 0%

Burn: 0%

Auto LP:  0%

Other: 0%


Project's Hashtags-
#Toad, #LuckyToad, #JackpotReflections

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