Pulse Unity

stage 4


PLSU has now launched on DEX USDC/PLSU trading pair and sits at the heart of our ecosystem.
It is a tradable currency on the Ethereum ERC20 network with a 1:1 copy expected to Pulse Chain on


Token Details-

Name: Pulse Unity
Symbol: PLSU
Blockchain: Ethereum
Project Utility: Social Utility Network

Total Supply: 73,718,430

Circ. Supply: 73,718,429

Contract Address: 0x909171Ab06909FF74Cc183039567dDc071754aCd

Lp Pair: 0x1d7948233bc84dceafe3324de274513c824e56f8

Contract Renounced: No

Liquidity Locked: Yes  |   % of LP Locked: 99% | Unlock Date: April 4, 2023  |   LP Lock Link

Contract Audited: Yes  |   Audit Link

Team KYC'd: No

Unique Utility-

Pulse Unity is a co-operative community where all wallet holders are treated as shareholders and receive
rewards based on there % holdings of PLSU.
Reflections: 1-5% of all future project earnings accumulated into a central wallet and distributed to sac
wallet holders.
All further projects built on top of phase 1 earn reflections from the other parts of the ecosystem from a
central wallet.


Project's Hashtags-
#PulseUnity, #PLSU, #UnityinDeFi, #M2M, #Mission2Mars

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