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Dec. 13, 2022

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ARCHA Staking Pool Cycle 3 has ended!


The team is waiting on one final signature to execute multi-sig transactions and then Ed will update the Harvest period.

Once Ed commences the Harvest, it will be open for 10 days (240 hours) and those dates and times will be announced. Rewards from staking must be claimed during harvest. Unclaimed rewards will be returned to the general pool and added to cycle 4. So if you don’t claim your rewards during harvest, you’re giving them back to all stakers for the next cycle. Do not unstake during Harvest. Unstaking and staking can occur during the open season prior to cycle 4 kicking off.

After Harvest has ended, Ed will prepare the Cycle 4 artifacts and open the pool for staking and unstaking. This “Open Season” period will also be 10 days (240 hours) in length. During that time, staking new tokens and unstaking previously staked tokens can occur. There is no need to unstake tokens and restake them. Tokens that were staked during cycle 3 will automatically be staked for cycle 4. Please remember that the max stake per wallet is 250T.

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