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Sep. 12, 2023

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Archa Staking Pool Harvest Info


Harvest for Archa Staking Pool Cycle 5:

The harvest period for the Cycle 5 Staking Pool opens in about an hour. Harvest will be open for 21 days (ends at 0000 (UTC-4) on 4 Oct 2023. We wanted to extend this harvest period by a week so we can observe the new staking pool contract and the 4 new Harvest options we now have. There’s plenty of time to harvest so keep an eye on the gwei/gas levels, especially if choosing Option 4 which is harvesting all rewards and sending them to your wallet.

Tokens in this harvest include Archa, Guardian, Okami, and ZeroGas.

Secondly, this is an ACTIVE HARVEST. Those who do not execute one of the four harvest options before the harvest period ends DO NOT earn rewards.

Next, you must clear your browser cache to see the new pool options. Be sure to do that first 🙂

Finally, we need to remind everyone to:

ALWAYS access Archa’s staking pool from our official website: Any other site, link, or DAPP is a scam.

NEVER accept DMs that you did not initiate. If you have questions then just tag someone in our main chat, wait for them to respond, and YOU initiate the DM with that person. Scammers will try to replicate accounts and impersonate members of the community. Don’t fall for that, please be careful!

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