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Dec. 24, 2022

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Archa’s random NFT drawings for $$$$!


Archa has launched its NFT collection which is comprised of 6 sub-collections (500 NFTs, 1-of-1 mints, .02 Eth each) and one very special ArchaUltimates collection. Random drawings will occur and are executed by volunteer community members live on telegram.  Today we executed the first random $25 drawings. The spinning wheel selected 1 NFT from each of the 6 sub-collections, and each winner receives $25 in Eth to the wallet holding the NFT. 

NFT Collection on OpenSea can be seen at the following link:

See the attached image for details. 

Congrats to all $25 winners! Summary list of winners:

ArchaPups #143
ArchaFuture #71
ArchaBabes #247
ArchaPixels #1
ArchaBrutes #45
ArchaDragons #98

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