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Nov. 23, 2022

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Bright and Better Tomorrow for Everyone


HEROS Token – Bright and Better Tomorrow for Everyone “In a Bear Crypto Market, This project Continues to Build. Changing the future of how we network”

Considering the recent inflation and how the crypto market is doing, it is now the right time to start investing in crypto currency. HEROS Token LLC provides you with the best services related to crypto and NFTs.  


In a Bear Crypto Market, This project Continues to Build. Changing the future of how we network. The current state of the crypto market has projects going belly up. This project has continued to build. They have formed an LLC based out of Pennsylvania and have made over $50,000 in donations to various worldwide community-polled charity organizations. They have been building a unique NFT collection named League of the LOST, which will be available very soon, equipped with an abundance of benefits, and has created a product that is incorporating a new way to network. Heros Token LLC may have started as a charity meme coin, but over the last year, evolved into a utility token, building an ecosystem that should not be overlooked.  


The latest development from HEROS is Apparition. Rightfully named as its definition states “the appearance of something remarkable or unexpected”. Apparition is a link in bio app, this essentially allows users to create a custom URL within the app that easily places all possible contact information on a single page. This information includes but is not limited to social media, websites, contact information, payment information, and NFTs, just to name a few. Once your information is added to the app, you receive a custom URL, and QR code to quickly and easily share with your colleagues.  


Apparition is taking it a step further. The app will also allow you to collect vital contacts you feel necessary to further your network. As well as utilize the NFC capabilities of your mobile device. Heros has created a full line of NFC products to go in line with the app. These products are designed to handle everything life throws at them. They are resilient to extreme conditions and are rewriteable 100,000 times. No special equipment is needed as the majority of mobile devices have the capability to read and write Apparition NFC products using the MyApparition APP. 


 The possibilities are endless on how you choose to use the products. They can be used as tags for pets to reunite with their owners if lost and hold emergency information such as allergies, and other medical info in case of emergency. Can provide an easy-to-access landing page for businesses to share socials and websites, can share NFT collections, or direct links to crypto dex, collect or send payments, or for the individual professional can be a vital tool to network.  


In recent years we have experienced inflation in the cost of traditional networking tools such as business cards, pamphlets, and brochures. Heros Token LLC has built a way for professionals to conduct business more efficiently with lower overhead costs while giving the user the edge they need to stay ahead of technology. It reduces the carbon footprint of your business and gives you the advantage of changing your information almost instantly to be competitive in the business world.  


For more information, visit www.myapparition.com or www.hero-universe.com. HEROS is building a better tomorrow for everyone. 


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Company Name: HEROS Token LLC

Contact Person: Scott Smith

Country: United States

Website: https://www.myapparition.com/

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