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Nov. 17, 2022

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Central Exchanges Making a Better Use Case for the Buy it Now Button



With everything happening due to the FTX debacle we are now even more convinced that self custody is the way. Not your keys, not your crypto rings even more true. FTX started a domino effect and a government vendetta on the crypto industry. We want regulation, but there needs to be a happy medium. Regulation will protect investors and get rid of all these meme/scam coins that are ruining the industry and slowing mass adoption.

The crypto community doesn’t want big government to stunt innovation or taint our industry with centralization and overreach. Strict regulations will ruin the future of crypto and push jobs overseas which America does NOT need right now. Blockchain innovation will put America back on top where it should be. Some incumbents are in the same mindset but others want to control every aspect of the blockchain.

The Buy it Now button allows you to purchase crypto without a central exchange, you can buy crypto and have it go directly into your wallet. The payment processing company our partner Wegro ( uses is completely compliant in all 50 states. Coinbase and Binance do not even have the proper permits and licenses that they have.

This technology will allow people with little knowledge of crypto to get in this rapid growing industry. Crypto can now be purchased with a debit card, credit and ACH transfer within minutes! No need to wait for funds to clear while the prices of these coins and tokens change drastically by the time exchanges let your transaction go through. Many banks and credit card companies will not allow you to purchase crypto or you have to call them and wait for an extended period of time to get “permission”. It should not and will not be that way with this technology.

We will see what happens with Central exchanges and regulation after the hearings in December but I know one thing, DeFi will prevail.

Craig Brodsky

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