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Nov. 09, 2022

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DeFiant Buy Button


Wanted to share this as our latest update!

We have partnered with WeGro Coin to have this amazing technology developed by the co-founder of Android AJ Jaghori!

The Buy It Now Button bypasses the need for a central exchange and connects directly to your credit or debit card. All you need is a wallet to buy crypto tokens INSTANTLY.

This removes a huge barrier for new investors to get into Decentralized Finance.

WeGro has partnered with a domestic bank that is providing over a billion dollars in liquidity for processing all the transactions. We have all the licenses and permits needed to be compliant in all 50 states. This is also available outside of the US.

We are only onboarding projects that are deemed safe to protect all parties. This will first be a chrome extension on the Google Play Store but soon after it will be a mobile application. An actual DeFi wallet that has the buy button within it.

All you need for the Buy Button chrome extension is a defi wallet that has wallet connect.

For the projects we onboard we are going to customize the tech with their own branding and color scheme.

This will be available on the Google Play store VERY SOON as the WeGro Buy Button. PEEPS is next in line then Defiant will have our own.

We are already in talks with many projects that want to onboard.

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