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Nov. 09, 2022

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DeFiant Platform Services


DeFiant Platform Services

– Smart Contract creation. We put together the code for whatever specific features you’re looking for. Our marquee contract is our Ethereum reflections contract which gives holders Ethereum rather than token reflections. We’ve finessed it to a point where it’s the cheapest gas cost in the marketplace.

– We do all the dev work. Presale calculations and airdrops, contract deployment, tax holidays etc. Anything that needs tweaking in the contract code or execution we handle.

– Marketing support. We have our existing community of tokens that we host AMAs for free to bring new eyes to your project. Most of the tokens on our platform will also work together on various projects so there’s synergy between projects and you tend to pick up holders from each other’s projects. Outside of our platforms projects we’ve built relationships with most of the traditional call groups. Also because of the volume we bring we get discounts that the regular market doesn’t get.

– Because of our experience we can give you advice and consultation so that you don’t make the same mistakes managing your project that we’ve seen in the past.

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