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Jan. 13, 2023

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Guardian Platform gives another look at LP lock dates


When getting into a project, you research and make sure it checks all your boxes right? Well, one of the most forgotten pieces of info is LP locks. It may be locked at the time you are digging into a project but what about 3 months later, 3 years later, how about 3 days later? Now, you can easily jump on Stage 5 listing page and easily reference how long the LP has before it expires or if it has expired.

Keep in mind, all details displayed on Stage 5 listings are solely provided by the project. This means that the LP could have been relocked. If you come across this scenario with your favorite projects showing expired LP. Reach out to that project and let them know they need to update their listing details. The goal of this is to keep projects and their communities engaged with their listing and to show the value it brings to the project.

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