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Nov. 20, 2022

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Guardian submits utility patent application for Genalock


Today the Guardian Team submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office its first utility patent application for Genalock.

Genalock is a highly unique feature being developed specifically for the Guardian Platform. The component will be integrated with multiple Guardian Platform components. It is a significant component tied directly to Token Data (now in Phase 2 development) and another key component that we will not disclose just yet. Genalock will provide the digital asset industry (and two traditional industries) with solutions to a billion-dollar digital asset problem. The solution will help mitigate risks within the industry that:

-Have existed since the day crypto was conceived.
-Will continue to grow as a serious problem with increased mass adoption.
-Impacts every single digital asset holder as soon as they obtain their first digital asset.

We’re pretty pumped up about Genalock’s progress and multiple use cases. We are also very excited to continue the development of all our features and components. The integration plan established for the platform 7 months ago is experiencing rapid advancements in nearly every planned component. The work being done within the integration layer has produced (in the past 45 days) the fielded Stage 5 component, the SSO-Admin capability, and the fielded Herald component which was assisted by members from the ArchAngel Token (ARCHA) community.

Accelerated advancement through the integration initiatives within GP’s Phase 1 roadmap has also resulted in achieving an incredible “work-in-advance” status on six GP components: Token Data, BagTrax, Stage 5, Herald, Genalock, and Technical Analysis. In addition to those advancements, the SSO work during this period helped establish an extremely important aspect of BrainStem’s requirements (user accounts) and will also chip in on requirements analysis and refinement for WhaleWatchR.

Guardian Platform: Integrate Everything.

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