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Dec. 07, 2022

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HEROS and Pocket Cows Joining Forces!


HEROS and Pocket Cows Joining Forces!


HEROS Token LLC has joined forces with The Pocket Cows on a limited-edition merchandise collaboration.


It began a few weeks back. Heros has always given support to quality projects in the web-3 community. They strive to bring awareness to projects through their Live and in Person education platform. Heros founders also show support through participating in fun events these projects offer as community-building efforts. You will often see Aceovrkill, AstroVerde, LowVoltage, HerosQueen, and TheChadRock supporting these great projects.


This past October, one of our fellow projects offered a best design contest of their highly recognized NFT. The contest was simple enough; they provided an outline of their NFT and asked the community to create their personalized version of the NFT. This project running the contest is non-other than the Pocket Cow NFT project. Aceovrkill (Scott) took the challenge and created a HEROS-branded cow that set the bar for all the entries that followed. The design was modeled after “HERO,” the HEROS Token mascot. The cow is equipped with a cape and Chuck Taylor soles. This unlikely hero is levitating over a collage of the HEROS logo, with smoke billowing from his nostrils and eyes glowing. 


A request from a joint project member and talent among the web-3 space. Darren from Destination Defi requested that the team at Heros have a unique hooded sweatshirt custom-made. HerosQueen answered the call and created a jaw-dropping vibrant sweatshirt. This was seen on many social platforms and, of course, modeled for the Destination Defi audience. All leading to what happened next.


This brought the two projects to sit down and discuss a way to benefit both parties. They came to a solution of a joint effort piece of merch. Designed by the talented HerosQueen (Megan), a fantastic hooded sweatshirt came to life. This hoodie is unlike anything either project has produced before, with extravagant print fading. The hooded sweatshirt has all-over printing, including the hood, pocket, and cuffs. Featuring a levitating Pocket Cow on the back and, naturally, the pocket. You will find the web address for both projects on the sleeve and vibrant colors fading into a black cotton blend material. The hoodie is available in sizes from Small to 2XL, and only 100 of them will ever be made.


This is a fantastic piece of wearable art that can currently be acquired at hero-universe.com and featured in the shop section of the site. This item, however, is so much more than just another piece of merch in the gamut of the Heros Merch store. This sweatshirt represents two great projects coming together to show unity in the wild west of crypto. The proceeds of the limited edition hoodie will be split directly down the middle and given to each project. The agreement that was made and sealed in writing is each project will use 100% of its proceeds to support the other project. This means HEROS will mint as many Cows as they can with their cut, and Pocket Cows will be using their funds to buy HEROS Tokens and possibly some NFTs as well. 


This will help both communities grow. Shows comradery in a space that has been seen as toxic. It brings communities together and shares the benefits both projects offer to crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain. 


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