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Dec. 08, 2022

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HEROS Leading the effort to Unify Defi


HEROS Leading the effort to Unify Defi


HEROS Token LLC has been making waves with the ongoing efforts of the team. Starting as an insignificant project on the Blockchain that wanted to make a difference by donating to worldwide charities. To a utility-focused ecosystem building in a down market. Many projects have succumbed to the market and closed up shop. While others are championing efforts in line with the ideals and persistence of HEROS. The team at HEROS makes every effort to share these projects through their education platform. 


Live and in Person was created in February this year. The idea began with the business and investment ethics of the HEROS core. They understand and know the value of investing. Yes, I said investing. That is such an unspoken word in the crypto and NFT communities. It is, however, referred to as traditional investment strategies. Not necessarily advice on what to invest in, but strategies that can be incorporated in any potential market. Heros creates the opportunity to hear directly from project leads and learn about what they are building. It provides an opportunity to ask direct questions and get direct answers. It also provides education for those who may not be as well-versed in the space.


Live and in Person is a Twitter space that is held every Thursday evening at 9 PM EST unless otherwise advertised. Projects voluntarily join, and share what they are building, some background on themselves, and where they plan to go in the future. Discussions in this space are often prompted by the host, but on several occasions, someone in the space will request the mic and ask a question that takes the conversation to an entirely new level. All of the spaces are recorded and shared via the HEROS YouTube channel. These have become a staple for the project and have led them to expand their YouTube platform. These efforts have presented a lot of projects from different backgrounds, use cases, and networks to come together on one platform and share. I find a lot of value in these spaces.


Recently the team has worked out a unique collaboration with various other projects, most of which have been on Live and in Person. They have all come together under an NFT project that has a vision for the future of the Blockchain and the projects within it. It brings projects together to cross-promote each other and bring light to each openly. It has a vision for a unified crypto space that relinquishes the, us vs. them, attitude and presses for the adoption of more projects working together, sharing, and supporting. HEROS Token, already of this mindset, has joined the efforts put forth by Crypto Rejects NFTs. The ideals are in line between the two projects on an abundance of concerns in the crypto space, and both want to strive to bring light to great projects regardless of how large they may be. They are building, doxxed, and continually working in this market, overcoming the heavy odds against them. 


The projects that have joined the Crypto Rejects to unify the space through example are; HEROS Token LLC, Vault Finance, Project X, Dive Wallet, Lynx Crypto App, World Wide Crypto, and the rest have yet to be named, lol no spoilers! These projects and influencers are all working together to prove not only that it can be done but the value it brings to the space by setting this example on an NFT project that is gearing up to prove explosive results. Over the next few days, weeks, and months you will see content from HEROS Token highlighting the people and projects involved. You will see a movement that is sure to lead the way for other mass collaborations, and if this trend does take hold, it is mass adopted with these and all hard-working projects on the Blockchain. The effort to Unify Defi will be in full swing proving the advantages and benefits for projects and communities alike, and will change the space forever! 

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