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Jan. 25, 2023

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MAJOR updates in ARCHA


Over the past week, the ArchAngel Token project team has performed major updates on our sites following the release of all V5 project artifacts:  Whitepaper, Technical Roadmap, and the Ecosystem Roadmap.  V1 of the ArchAngel NFT Collection Guide was also published following the launch of Sachiel Feature 6 (NFT Program). 

The Archa website has been updated with all new project artifacts, links, and content. The ArchAngel Progress Tracker was also updated given the SUBSTANTIAL updates included within the V5 project artifacts.  The website will continue to be refined with the new logo and graphics. 

Archa’s Stage 5 Project Dashboard on Guardian Platform has been updated. 

Updates were sent to both CG and CMC with the new project artifact links, updated project descriptions, and the new Archa logo (red wings on a black background). 

Please take the time to read the new artifacts posted on our official website and carefully review the objectives & goals identified within the updated Progress Tracker.


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