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Jun. 10, 2023

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One step closer to Mars!


Pulse UNITY is happy to announce the launch of IM69 to our ecosystem!

The IM69 token is an ERC20 token with custom functionalities tailored for the InvasionMars project. Here’s a summary of how it works for holders:

  1. Initial Supply: The token has an initial supply of 69 TRILLION tokens, which either will be or have been minted to the deployer’s wallet during contract deployment.
  2. Early contributors will receive an airdrop of IM69 tokens shortly after the Uniswap / Dextools pair goes live. These tokens will still hold 0 Value unless traded! 
  3. Buy/Sell Reward rates: The token has different reward rates for buying and selling operations. The current reward rate for buying is 5%, and the reward rate for selling is 5%. The project can adjust these rewards for future promotions.
  4. Reflection Rewards: Holders receive reflection rewards based on their token holdings. The rewards are distributed automatically during each transfer, and the recipient’s reflection reward is calculated based on their current balance, last balance snapshot, and the applicable tax percentage.
  5. Exclusion from Fees: Some addresses can be excluded from fees by the contract owner. This means they won’t be charged the buy/sell tax during transfers.
  6. Marketing and Development Wallets: The token has a designated marketing wallet and a development wallet. Marketing fees and any remaining tokens or ETH after adding liquidity to Uniswap are transferred to these wallets.
  7. Anti-Whale Mechanism: The token has an anti-whale mechanism that restricts the amount of tokens an address can hold to 1% of the total supply.
  8. Blacklisting: The token uses the Addresses contract to blacklist addresses and enforce transfer restrictions based on the airdrop recipients’ lock periods.
  9. Liquidity Provision: The token owner can add liquidity to Uniswap and deploy the token on the platform.

Overall, the IM69 token has a unique set of features designed to incentivize long-term holding, distribute rewards to holders, and support the project’s marketing and development efforts.

Get full project information at https://spacecampmars.com

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