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Nov. 09, 2022

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Our Journey


From the early beginnings of Ascend The DeFiant development team spent countless hours in search of the safest and most cost effective Ethereum redistribution contract in the Defi space.

Our first launch of level up was the pioneer into this technology. After determining that higher gas costs for automatic Ethereum redistribution contracts was the main road block for our ecosystem we developed our dApp technology in partnership with Safe Solidity.

As the governance token for the defiant platform and all Ethereum redistribution tokens that launch from us, we take revenue from profits and inject them back into $DeFi and burn those injections to further the overall life of the project and implement the key features into the platform as a whole.

With so many substantial upcoming partnerships and prior partnerships ,we have pioneered the Defi space for safe investments and quality contracts. The future of cryptocurrency will revolve around adoption of real world use cases. We plan to solidify our brand with the upcoming launch of PEEPS 2.0 that will revolutionize digital cryptocurrency transaction payments between the masses.

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