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Nov. 06, 2022

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Scratch Tokens for Staking Pool Cycle 3


Ecosystem project Scratch Engine will be providing all remaining Genesis tokens for the ARCHA Staking Pool (750T Scratch Tokens). 100% of those tokens will be distributed during the Harvest Period at the end of Staking Pool cycle 3 (ends in 37 days). The Scratch Engine project recently announced a major shift in their business model, and they have posted numerous announcements and updates in their telegram channel. Their website ( also contains the posted announcement. AMAs have been conducted and those recorded discussions can be found in their telegram. All owners of Scratch Token are highly encouraged to remain informed and aware of the project’s activities as they execute their strategies. ARCHA will do our best to provide updates from the Scratch Team as they are provided to us. 

A question was asked if Scratch’s new business model includes future participation in the ARCHA ecosystem and our staking pool. The Scratch team will provide answers to those questions as soon as they are able as they are still very early within their transition activities. 

ARCHA will provide updates from the Scratch Team as they are provided to us. 

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