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Apr. 14, 2023

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Staking Pool Cycle 4 Harvest!


Harvest info for Staking Pool Cycle 4

Official Website:  Access the Archa Staking Pool ONLY from our official website:

Harvest Period:  The harvest period will commence on 15 April at 01:00Hrs (UTC-4) and will expire on 29 April at 0:00Hrs (UTC-4). Stakers must harvest rewards during the Harvest period.  Unclaimed rewards will be distributed back to the general staking pool for distribution at the end of Cycle 5. Do not unstake during harvest.  Unstaking can occur during the upcoming Cycle 5 Open Season.

Connect your wallet and execute your harvest:  Watch the gas levels and pick a time when gas is low so that the transaction fee is as low as possible. This Harvest period is 14 days long so there is plenty to time to wait for lower gas fees if you are concerned about those.

Beware of Scammers!  Scammers always surface during staking pool actions. BE CAREFUL!!!  Only access our staking pool from our website AND NO OTHERS. Never accept any DMs and always verify you are using official channels.

More Staking Pool Options?  A poll will be launched in the Archa main chat and will be pinned.  This is a VERY important poll regarding our staking pool as we prepare for growth.



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