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Dec. 16, 2022

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Staking Pool Harvest period is open


Archa’s 3rd staking pool ended and 12 hours later the Harvest period for Cycle 3 commenced. Harvest will be open for anther 9 days and 14 hours, and all rewards must be claimed before the Harvest period ends on 26 Dec 2022.  The timer located on the Archa website ( indicates when Harvest period official ends. Rewards not claimed by the end of Harvest will be forfeited and returned to the general pool for Cycle 4. 

Please remember that scammers are very active during these periods.  ALWAYS access our staking pool directly from the official ArchAngel Token website (   

Harvest period is for claiming Cycle 3 rewards only, there is no staking or unstaking of Archa tokens during Harvest.  Once the Harvest period ends, the Cycle 4 pool will be created, and a 10-day Open Season period will commence.  During Open Season, pool participants can stake additional tokens (up to 250T p/wallet) or unstake tokens already staked. Open Season for cycle 4 will remain open for 10 days. After that time, the Open Season period will end and the pool for Cycle 4 will lock for 90 days. 

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